Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Just a few month ago, we became fascinated by the idea of sharing the best clips with everyone else. What if you could not only wait for awesome moments in streams, instead see the best of streams here on our website! It may sound crazy, but this was the only thing we really missed on other websites. There are long streams and videos, most of them edited, but nothing short and original.

What is Clipingu?

We provide you the best clips and news about streamers and popular games. You want to see your awesome clip on our collection? Send it in here.

Why is my favourite game / streamer not listed?

A new website needs time to expand. We are a very small team trying to provide you the best content we can which most people like to see.

Is there a newsletter?

There will be a newsletter in the future with the most popular news and clips summarized.

Are there any ads?

There are no ads on our website! The clips provided by Twitch may have ads.